Drug & Alcohol Addiction Treatment Support Groups for Young Adults

Drug & Alcohol Addiction TreatmentWe host three support groups each week for young adults who are undergoing drug and alcohol addiction treatment. Our support groups focus on topics such as the twelve steps and addiction recovery in general. These meetings give young adults a chance to practice the techniques learned in outpatient drug rehab as well as an opportunity to discuss issues they face.

These meetings are designed specifically for young adults, and are supervised by our certified substance abuse counselors.  Our support groups give us a significant advantage over other treatment centers,  because no other treatment center in Missouri offers specialized 12 step support groups for these age groups. Crossroads has offered supervised teen and young adult support groups since 1982.

Our support groups are complimented by our sober social events held twice per week on the weekends. These events serve to reinforce the tactics young adults learn in drug and alcohol addiction treatment (outpatient), especially how to have fun in social situations without the use of mind-changing chemicals, which are so prevalent elsewhere. Our social events allow young adults to build new friendships with others their age who are committed to sobriety. These events are enjoyable and exciting and show young adults how to have fun sober, while making positive, real connections with their peers.

If you would like to learn more about our addiction recovery programs in Kansas City, St. Louis, and Columbia for you or a loved one, contact one of our drug rehab centers (treatment centers) today for a free consultation.

The Importance of Support Groups in Addiction Treatment & Recovery

At the Crossroads Program, we firmly believe that support groups are an important tool that make addiction recovery more complete. Recovery is difficult and requires a sense of community to be most effective. Our support groups provide that community which empowers struggling young adults to build positive relationships to further their addiction treatment and recovery.

Addiction Treatment & Support Groups in MissouriThe social aspect of our support groups helps to increase a young adult’s self-worth, and provides life skills through peer mentorship, adult role models, and fun activities, which all lead to a healthy and sober transition into adulthood. This emphasis on community and social activities teaches young people that sober does not equal somber. The opportunity to experience other people going through addiction treatment having fun and interacting in a sober environment helps participants to value life without drugs. Social interactions like these lead to “positive peer pressure” which inspires young adults to help each other stay sober.

In addition to providing support in a group environment, our addiction treatment support groups also offer one on one counseling for each participant when needed. By combining the group aspect with the one on one aspect, our addiction recovery program ensures accountability, growth, and a lasting recovery.

Young Adult Support Group Meeting Times

  • In St. Louis, meetings are Monday and Thursday starting at 7:30 PM with fellowship afterwards. We also offer a Saturday afternoon meeting at noon with fellowship afterwards.
  • In Columbia, meetings are Tuesday and Thursday starting at 7:30 PM with fellowship afterwards. We also offer a Saturday afternoon meeting at noon with fellowship afterwards.
  • In Kansas City, meetings are Monday and Wednesday starting at 7:30 PM with  fellowship afterwards. We also offer a Saturday afternoon meeting at noon with fellowship afterwards.
  • Sober Social Activities for St. Louis, Kansas City, and Columbia are every Friday and Saturday night beginning at 7:30 PM.                                                                                                                                           These meetings and sober social activities are not open to the public and an                           appointment is necessary to take advantage of this part of our program.

Contact us to Learn More About Our Support Groups for Drug & Alcohol Addiction Recovery

Teen Drug & Alcohol Addiction TreatmentIf you believe that you or a loved one is suffering from a problem with drug or alcohol addiction, do not hesitate to get the help you need. Contact one of our Missouri drug rehab centers today for a free consultation and to learn how our treatment programs can help. You can reach us by phone in St Louis at 636-532-9991, in Columbia at 573-256-8020, and in Kansas City at 816-941-4000.