Why Choose Crossroads for Teen Alcohol & Drug Treatment

Alcohol & Drug TreatmentTeens and young adults experience very complex mental, emotional, and social situations making the treatment of addiction exceptionally difficult. If a drug rehab program does not address these issues specifically, or if the program addresses them inaccurately, recovery may never take place. At The Crossroads Program, we understand these complexities and take them into account to ensure the most effective drug treatment.

  • The Crossroads Program has been serving young people and parents in Missouri since 1982.
  • The Crossroads Program is a private treatment program: We do not accept court-mandated individuals (unless the young person is adamant about seeking recovery). Enrollment in our treatment requires a personal commitment from the young person. However, this does not mean that they always show up to their first appointment willingly. This commitment is generally made after the first appointment. We also do not require this commitment to be made right away. The Crossroads Program allows both the young person and the parent to attend one of our support group meetings as well continue to discuss the options until everyone feels comfortable with this commitment.
  • The Crossroads Program specializes in working with adolescents and young adults with substance abuse problems, designing our treatment programs around the unique needs of this group.
    • We offer individualized treatment.
    • Both staff and peer support and encourage our young people to be re-engaged into their life, school and work during and after treatment.
    • In our Intensive Outpatient Programs discharge is progressed based, not finance based.
    • We are the only treatment center in Missouri that offers a staffed, 12-step support group before, during, and up to 2 ½ years after treatment.
    • We are the only treatment center in Missouri that offers sober social events every Friday and Saturday night to all of its members for up to 2 ½ years.
    • We are the only treatment center in Missouri that offers a parent support group that includes 12-step meetings and social activities with other members of the parent support group and their recovering children.
  • Alcohol & Drug Treatment for TeensThe Crossroads Program is the only treatment program in Missouri that uses the “Enthusiastic Approach” to sobriety – meaning we believe that the key to getting kids to stop using is to show them a way of life (without the use of drugs and alcohol) that is better than what they had while they were still using. We call this “Enthusiastic Approach” or “Enthusiastic Sobriety”™.
  • The Crossroads Program recognizes 30 days of consecutive sobriety (with a unique necklace called a monkey’s fist,) as well as 365 consecutive days of sobriety with another unique necklace.  Since the young people remain involved in the support group for up to 2 ½ years, it is easy for us to track each individual’s progress. These symbols of sobriety are presented to the young person by their peers, sponsors, and the staff.
  • Each member of The Crossroads Program’s counseling staff is in recovery, and has been since they were young adults. They work uncompromised 12 step programs and lead attractive lifestyles.
  • The Crossroads Program meets young people where they are at in life and provides a safe, comfortable environment for young people to achieve recovery from drug and alcohol addiction.
    • Our treatment programs, support groups, and social events offer each client the opportunity to build positive, healthy peer relationships.
    • We offer positive peer support and peer leadership.
    • The Crossroads Program offers individual counseling appointments for young people and their parents at no additional charge during the 2 ½ year involvement in the support group.

Words from Our Support Group & Treatment Program Members

When young people in the Crossroads support group were asked, “Why should people choose The Crossroads Program for teen and young adult drug and alcohol treatment in Missouri?” the following were some of their responses:

Alcohol and Drug Treatment in Missouri

  • “People stay sober here and they have fun doing it.”
  • “Crossroads makes you want to be sober.”
  • “Crossroads gives me a way of life worth living.”
  • “Crossroads offers excellence in everything they offer.”
  • “[Crossroads] helps you mend relationships with your family. It helps you bond with them.”
  • “It is fun being sober here.”
  • “Being in Crossroads, has taught me how to feel good about myself, and how to like myself.”
  • “[Crossroads] gave me and my parents hope.”
  • “Crossroads helped save my life and now I get to help other people get better, by teaching them what I have learned here.”
  • “The counselors are fun, loving, compassionate, and safe.”
  • “No other treatment program offers a long-term support group that provides years of accountability, so that an addict can start their new life.”